Frequently Asked Questions about Bellydance How do I book Asra for my event? It’s easy!  Once you're ready to book, call (204) 661- 4637 or email with the details of your event.  Please give the date, time, and location of your event.  Asra will be in touch to go over the type of event you are planning and any special details.  If Asra is available, you will be tentatively pencilled in.  A deposit of $50 is required to book the date.  Once your deposit is received your event is booked! How much notice do I need to give? The more the better.  Weekends tend to book up quickly, and 3-4 weeks notice or more is best.  The more notice you provide, the more time Asra will have to prepare the best possible music, costuming, and dances for your special event. While Asra will try her very best to accommodate last minute requests, she may not be available.  Also, please keep in mind that extreme last minute requests are difficult to accommodate and are therefore subject to an additional fee. Is bellydancing appropriate for my party? Bellydancing is appropriate for any happy occasion!  Asra will bring lively fun to the party, leaving your guests with smiles, photo-ops and plenty of great memories. Bellydancing is very appropriate for family occasions (kids love it). Like any good bellydancer, Asra takes always ensures that her music, costuming, and dancing are beautiful, entertaining, and in good taste.  Music and dances styles are specially chosen to suit the occasion.  Asra can customize her costuming to be as glitzy and glamorous, or as low-key and modest as the venue requires. Asra has performed at many different types of events, from high-end company fundraisers and upscale weddings to small backyard celebrations.  She will work with you to make sure her performance is a perfect fit for your event. I want this to be a surprise!  Is that possible? Absolutely!  Asra is an expert in the element of surprise!  Whether you want to surprise one guest-of-honor in your home or a ballroom full of guests, Asra will work with you to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. Where can I see a performance? Asra performs regularly at Charisma of India restaurant every second Saturday evening around 7pm, and other evenings by request.  Please call for exact dates and times (204) 918-8726 or (204) 999-8297.  Charisma is located at 83 Sherbrook St (at Wolseley Ave) in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Why don't you dance at male-only gatherings? Sometimes bellydancing is wrongly portrayed as being sleazy or seductive on TV or in the movies.  Asra does not dance at male-only events because playing the “seductive dancing girl” is not real bellydance.  Bellydancing a beautiful dance form, rich in history and is always family-friendly entertainment.  Often the folks in the audience that enjoy it the most are young kids and older ladies! Do you teach classes? Yes, Asra teaches regular weekly classes.  Please visit the classes page for information and FAQs about taking classes.  Asra is also available for private or semi- private lessons.  Please call or email for more information. If you just want a one-night lesson for a party, Asra offers a Ladies Night Lesson  package for parties such as stagettes and showers.  These are one-hour lessons designed to spice up your ladies party with a short performance and a bellydance lesson!  Jingly coin hip scarves are included for all the ladies to wear during the lesson because the bling is half the fun!  Are there male bellydancers? Yes there are, both in the folk styles and increasingly in the glitzier cabaret style, although female dancers are still far more common.   
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